The Thinnest Air
By Minka Kent 

This thrilling novel reveals the story of a woman Meredith, who was living a perfect life until the day she went missing. The story revolves around the secrets and mystery of what actually happened to Meredith. Read to be hooked to its astounding story telling.

Give Me Your Hand
By Megan Abbott

The novel revolves around friendship and rivalry between Kit Owens and Diane Fleming, two girls – who became friends as teenagers but Diane’s dark secret changes everything between the two. Once again they cross paths and are locked in a dangerous game that can destroy them both.

Spinning Silver
By Naomi Novik 

A girl Miryem, who has the ability to change silver into gold, sets out to collect the debts of her moneylending father. Her magical abilities turn into trouble, as she isn’t the only one who notices her powers. This gripping tale is not to be missed.

The Incendiaries
By R.O. Kwon

It is a story of love, faith, violence and relationship, where a young girl – Phoebe – is increasingly drawn towards a religious group of extremist; whereas, a guy – Will – devotes himself to finding her. What happens from thereon? Read to find out!

Fruit of the Drunken Tree
By Ingrid Rojas Contreras

This is the author’s debut novel and is based on an unlikely friendship, where both the friends find themselves entangled in a web of secrecy that forces them to choose between sacrifice and betrayal. It’s a fascinating piece of writing inspired by the author's own life experiences.