Syed Adnan Shah - On Making Pakistan A Potential Market

  • 21 Jul - 27 Jul, 2018
  • Rabia Mushtaq
  • Interview

The CEO of Mega Home Appliances, Syed Adnan Shah, started his professional career 25 years ago. His relentless contribution to serving the country’s home appliances industry is phenomenal. Being associated with the international brand Bosch for almost two decades now, Shah talks about the efforts his company and the German brand is making to penetrate in Pakistan’s promising market.

How long have you been associated with Bosch?

I have been associated with Bosch for almost two decades, globally. My passion and vision is to provide best quality home appliances of German engineering to the people of Pakistan, who I feel deserve to enjoy this world class brand of home appliances.

What is your role as the CEO of the company and how has your experience of working with Bosch been?

For almost 20 years, I have been working as a General Manager with various brands and companies in Dubai. With my own company – Mega Home Appliances – which is the official distributor of Bosch, I joined hands with the German brand last year and it has been a wonderful experience since then, as the company has immense potential and market in Pakistan. It is a one of a kind brand that possesses a huge range of products that provide solutions for home, mobility, industry and trades and technology, as well as offers market specific solutions.

How is your association with the German brand going on in Pakistan?

Our association has been phenomenal. We are the official distributors in Pakistan for the company’s home appliances range. The brand started in the year 1886 in Germany offering 100 different products and it has taken quite some time for them to explore the Pakistani market, but Bosch is doing great in terms of its business in this country, because it provides affordability for the masses, especially the middle class strata, in our society.

What role is the company playing with respect to providing their services to the people of Pakistan?

Like I mentioned earlier, Bosch is committed to playing an important role in Pakistan. As the official representatives of the brand, we are introducing an exceptional feature of after sales services, which is not very common in Pakistan; Bosch stands fifth in terms of its best after sales services, globally, and we’d like Pakistanis to make full use of this service locally as well. Our representatives are always prepared to help customers on call for 24 hours and the company also offers extended warranty on products for up to five years.

Bosch has different products and services to offer such as in the mobility industry, home appliances and, industry and trade. What is the company’s most profitable area in Pakistan?

The Pakistani market is worth $220 million and the country has the second highest GDP in Asia; therefore, Bosch sees Pakistan as a market full of potential. It really wants to fill the gap that Pakistanis have been facing in terms of receiving quality products and services to the people. Here, the company’s most profitable area is indeed the sale of home appliances. People in Pakistan really appreciate the quality of the products designed and manufactured by the German brand.

Is Bosch doing anything in terms of social responsibility?

The company is indeed very responsible. Our products are user and environment friendly, and are also affordable. Our technology brands are energy efficient and the company is very conscious regarding water energy consumption and climate change, in general. We offer our consumers with the best products and services that not only provide hygienic solutions for their routine use but also help in keeping the environment safe and clean. And since water crises in Pakistan is becoming a serious phenomenon, therefore introduction of energy efficient and less water consumption appliances offered by Bosch would be beneficial for the nation. Around 40 per cent of Bosch patent applications relate to environmental protection and the careful use of resources. The company’s home appliances are amongst the most efficient and economical in the world, which is not only good for the environment but for one’s wallet, too.

What kind of cooperation does Bosch require locally?

In terms of cooperation, we would really want the government to support us with establishing different manufacturing units in the country, for we really look forward to catering the masses and making Pakistan a wide market for the company’s products and services with immense potential of growth. In order to smoothly run our manufacturing operations, we require the government to reduce duties on imports related to the home appliances industry. If we receive the required cooperation, it will be much easier for us to provide the Pakistani market with the same quality of products and services that the rest of the world enjoys.

What are the company’s future plans with respect to Pakistan’s market?

Along with Bosch, we are planning to start local manufacturing units, because when importing products, we have to pay hefty duties, which get really costly at the end of the day, not just for distributors but also eventually the consumers. By kick-starting local units, we will have the assembly and manufacturing plants set up locally, and can cut the cost of imported products in Pakistan.•



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