Politics Dominates!

July News Register

“We’ve tried everybody uptil now,” the local quotidian commentator said this week. “So, I want to be the next prime minister!”

This was… Who else, but Meera, in a press item. Yeah, and immediately, she left for the foreign shores with her (supposed) boyfriend, Naveed Pervez. And what of the poor hubby, Ateequr Rehman, who was left holding the legal document, with a pained expression on his forehead? Would you ask that from the actress with the wishful thinker?

I am not sure why a girl with measured responses, Mahira is commenting on Meera every other week. This time she says, “If Meera had married at the right time, she would now have kids!” She paused and said, “I have nothing against her, she is just pre-occupied with me! I have seen her movies, but she depends more on scandals. Kabhi, she pins herself with Imran Khan, kabhiMufti Qavi, and kabhi Captain Naveed!”

Well, she thinks that scandals may catapult her to the status of the prime minister!

And to think of the last PM, a very interesting thing that Naeem Bukhari recently said during an interview was that when Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to Lahore in the Samjhota Bus, famous Indian actor, Dev Anand was also accompanied him. On that occasion, Nawaz Sharif sang a song from Dev Anand’s film, Taxi Driver, “Jaein to jaein kahan,” on the harmonium. This stunned me. It means Nawaz Sharif is also a born artiste! So, why can’t our fankar be a prime minister?

But, yes, not the kind of fankar that our Dollar Girl, Ayyan Ali is considered to be! It recently came to light that in the money laundering case, she was paid big amounts from the benam accounts. And Zardari’s friend Anwar Majeed was also involved in it. This A One International Account was supposed to be owned by a chap called Tariq, who was earning Rs 25000 per month. What a laugh!

Yes, Meera, your desire to become a PM may not come to fruition, but as for the Dollar Girl, ummmm…!