Movie Madness

Hoping for the Rosie Dawn!

With scathing reviews for both, Jackpot and Shor Sharaba, in the local press, one is hoping the dawn for August is a rosy, realistic picture!

They say one vital scene of Jackpot that was a famous publicity shot, has been censored. That’s a bad choice for cutting your own film down to size! Well, it is supposed to be quite an entertaining film, with a surprising climax. But, some people have commented that it has obscene dialogues and bad jokes. Bhai Phocket… sorry… Phucket main to phir aisee hee filum baney gee!

No, it’s not to say Phucket Island is some cheap place or something. It’s a beautiful, scenic resort, and many others shoot films there. The only problem is that you just cannot take the script for granted, and leave everything to the cinematography. 

As for Shor Sharaba, the less said the better. Sleazy stuff and all that the censor surveyed! The film, according to some deep-sea divers, is a disgusting copy of an Indian movie, Hulchul. So, there you have the sum total of all there is to say. Just like, when the TV private productions started in the early Nineties, it will take a long time before the riff raff have gone boriya bistar lapaet lapat ke! And by that time, it will be 2022 or something. Then, if ten good movies are made per year, thank the heavens for that!

But, with Teefa in Trouble, Load Wedding, and Parwaz Hai Junoon coming soon, all is not so dark and gloomy. Just pray we get more good producers soon!