PAREEK - Really Wonderful

Everybody is gushing about Coke Studio’s latest sensation, Pareek. Both girls, Ariana and Amrina have sung it wonderfully well. The video is also quite beautiful and full of Kailash manazir. But, what totally bowled me over is the composition of the intervals and the music between the stanzas that adds superb colour to the song!

The feeling of passing through a portal is vividly woven into the song by the multiple musical revolutions. The repetition of the round-and-round interval sound really gives you a mood of time travel. Beautiful work. 

Ali Hamza and Zohaib Qazi have done a great job putting the surkhab ke par into the brilliant intro song to the 11th season of Coke Studio. They have written the best preface to the new season, where there was lots of speculation as to how will this season fare. Ali Hamza, from what I assess, has fallen in love with the ethnicity of Pakistan, and that’s a great sign for our new age music, and for him. But, the main question swings back like a boomerang: Will such a great intro be complemented by the later numbers this season?

You know, it’s a tremendous thing when you delve into, and explore the other languages of your region, and start to understand what makes their culture tick. You not only learn a lot, you start to connect with the other expressions you haven’t been accustomed to. Like the word Lashkara, which Urdu language has taken from Punjabi, or Wakhra, taken from Seraiki. In the same way, the Kailash word Pareek, meaning let’s go, could well gel into our national language. That’s how languages progress by borrowing from others. This whole cultural feel is what makes Pareek such a wonderful song.