Sanam Chaudhry - Have Talent, Will She Travel?

Easy one-liner, Ghar Titlee ka Par (GTKP) could deftly be twisted to left or right. Given that quick maneuverability, its best proponent would be the likeable Sanam Chaudhry!

Sanam, whose first film, Jackpot is in theatres, looks like somebody, who would go on to be a versatile artiste. With an attractive personality, and good amount of emotive scale at her behest, she could soon mount up the stairs to the top artistes. It’s surprising then, that she hasn’t done that, while younger artistes like Aiman and Minal are way ahead of her!

Seen from the beginning in GTKP as the curvy exploiter, and creating her own twists to the tale, Sanam ensnares a simple and unsuspecting Shehzad Sheikh into her trap. Sorry, I am certainly in no mood to relate the story, since our stories and characters are nothing to write home about. The only thing I want to discuss is that while the story is basic, Sanam’s acting has made the difference. Still, it’s sad to see that generally, she seems not to be aiming for better roles and greater challenges. For the moment, she is sitting pretty.

If Jackpot wins a dime, may be things will change for Sanam. So, fingers crossed!