What started with one make-up tutorial video has become a full-fledged business for YouTube sensation Rachel Levin. The star has continued to grow her empire and expand her fame with over 12 million YouTube subscribers. Here are some untold truths about Levin and her success over the years.

It all started with looking in a mirror

Levin's YouTube career began in 2010 when she was 15. “I would watch all these beauty tutorials to the point where I did my make-up in the morning, I would be like, 'Ok, now we're going to apply this product to our outer v' [of the eye]. Once I came to the conclusion that I was doing makeup tutorials in the mirror, I decided that I should just film a video."

How bullying almost shut down her page

When Levin created her first videos, she was not expecting any recognition to come from it. However, she was eventually forced to think more about it once everyone at her school found out about her page. It was the one moment that Levin considered shutting down her channel as her fellow students bullied her a lot.

All in a (full) day's work

Levin does an amazing job of creating great content that looks so effortless. However, "effortless" is far from the word to use, as she revealed that it normally takes nine hours to film one video and 18 hours to edit it.

No Hollywood for her

While it has become a trend over the years for some YouTube stars to pack up and move to Los Angeles, that is far from the plan for Levin. When asked this question by one of her fans in a YouTube video, her answer was pretty clear and the reason has to do with her content creation. She said, "I was in LA for a week and I had no motivation at all to film a YouTube video."

Pushing the YouTube game in new directions

During an interview with Forbes, the interviewer shared that Levin's number of viewers is around the same number as the entire population of Brazil. About her success thus far, she shared, "I normally try not to look at how many people it is. I want to be more humbled and honoured by it."