Letters To The Editor

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
– Herman Melville

Deplorable conditions at Karachi Zoo

There was a time when Karachi Zoo was a welcoming excursion for people of all ages. Well-kept animals, clean environment and good management were some factors which used to contribute to a fun filled zoo trip. However, things have underwent drastic changes over the time. The dearth of funds, good management and trained staff have made the zoo a hellacious place for the wildlife. There aren’t enough vets and staff to treat animals. Most of the animals are contained in cages that were built centuries ago and still lie there in poor state. It’s a request to Karachi Zoological Garden to take the matters up with the relevant authorities to make things better, at the zoo.

Faiza Alam,

Combating disability through sports

Disability is just a word, if one has the determination, they can conquer the world. Such act was bespoken when Pakistan played its first-ever series this month against England, defying all odds and disabilities. Pakistan and England produced a game of exhilarating cricket at ICC Global Cricket Academy ground where physically challenged players demonstrated incredible sporting skills. Such events are more of inspiration to the world than just a game of sports. We hope in the next couple of years more countries will come up and stage a World Cup for disabled cricketers.

Yaqoob Khan,

Mental illnesses

Regardless of the constant denial, ignorance and condemnation, the masses should be educated about the severe mental illnesses. It has an impact on people of the current generation. While there is a global resurgence on taking mental illnesses seriously, there are many people who don’t pay heed to the grave conditions of the sufferers. In a country like Pakistan, there is little to no acceptance of mental disorders as a life-threatening condition that can compel one to take their life. Hence, we remain on the list of countries with the highest suicide rates. In such grave times, availability of medical help alone cannot combat the issue; earnest efforts should be made to spread more awareness about mental disorders, so that the victims can be treated.

Zeba Majeed,

Need of the hour

Water scarcity has risen to alarming levels and it’s high time we do something about it. While renewed efforts are being made by the government to counter water shortage problems by building dams, a lot of social responsibility lies on us. Apart from making concrete and practical plans to ensure uninterrupted supply of water, conservations drives, awareness campaigns and activities need to be launched to combat the problem. At this stage it is important for us to practice water conservation. This would be the smallest step as individuals towards achieving something big. As little as it might seem, please try and save water. It’s the best we all can do together as a nation, which turn things out for good.

Aslam Javed,