By Sheila Heti

A woman who tosses coins to assist her decision-making might be expected to have a difficult time with the question of whether or not to have children, the increasingly urgent question Heti's almost-40-year-old narrator faces. The story is indeed moving.

Bad Blood
By John Carreyrou

This one is for people who don't like sleeping. Get inside the story of Theranos, the biotech startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes; it had everything, from a young, talented figurehead to a revolutionary product – if only it worked. Read on to know more!

The Book of M
By Peng Shepherd

Shepherd’s post-apocalyptic novel imagines a global plague that steals people's shadows. Husband-and-wife duo Ory and Max have holed up in the forest for safety – or so they think, until Max’s shadow suddenly disappears. Read the book to delve into the mystery.

Little Panic
By Amanda Stern

In this vivid, illuminating and emotional memoir, Stern describes growing up feeling ‘broken' due to undiagnosed panic disorder. Her anxious energy leads to continual testing during childhood, difficulty learning and continual fears that her mother will die or disappear.

By Ruby Lal

The only woman ruler in the long dynasty of India’s Moghuls, Nur Jahan, the 20th wife of Emperor Jehangir and his co-ruler, was 34 and a widow when they married in 1611. Lal’s intriguing biography restores Nur Jahan to her full splendour.