Fatima Bhutto calls out Islamophobic British scientist

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Known to voice her opinion against the biases subjected towards Muslims and ethnic minorities time and again, Fatima Bhutto – granddaughter and niece of former prime ministers of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, respectively – recently called out a British scientist and writer Richard Dawkins for his tweet belittling the Azan – the Muslim call to prayer.

Dawkins’ tweet compared the bells of Church with the sound of Azan and said Church bells are more soothing than the aggressive-calling of the Muslim call to prayer. In response to his prejudiced stance, the gutsy 36-year-old author Fatima robustly wrote: “No, it’s your bigotry.”

Despite his high stature, the 77-year-old’s tweet has prompted criticism online and has since received numerous replies that show his narrative as extremely Islamophobic. One Twitter user, Benjamin Hulett wrote, “I was a Winchester cathedral chorister and hold the place in deep affection. I am also a musician and traveller of the world and find the muezzin enchanting profoundly evocative. Probably just your cultural upbringing.”