Biz Stars & Tax Hounds – Into the Cauldron

Lots of bookkeeping needed there, I am sure. But, forget it if you are going for a novel idea – no, not even a classic short story. More like on the pattern of Wallet’s Treat; read that one, ever?

A tax inspector I once met was an old school chap, meaning he used to distort words. “This is nan-professional,” he told me. “I don’t do it!” You mean, I thought, he has a tandoor! That is, surely nan-professional. “I am nan-veg,” he told me, now getting too be-takalluf. That definitely made the conversation quite Bundu Khani! But, that was a one off. Very nan-technical for me… aw shucks.

Well, this time, the tax boys have targeted Samina Peerzada. It’s as if they discussed amongst themselves to leave the younger actresses alone. Too jazbati. Now, there’s a mature woman, Samina. She’d talk in an understanding tone and won’t need to be sealed into her house – no case of nan-payment. Sorry, boys! She isn’t penny wise and pound foolish, like young wenches – those are the ones that keep things invested!