Abrar-ul-Haq A Courtroom Funk

That’s pretty Jut charhya kachehri stuff there, isn’t it? Taking somebody to the courtroom, with a receipt for the laundry. Fun guy Abrar-ul-Haq is gearing up for a real Nooni-pa takra, in the legal chambers with Ahsan Iqbal, the Interior Minister of the country! No, he isn’t unhappy about the politician singing his own praises; it’s those ubiquitous artic(k)les again. Yeah, 62 and 63 – sounds like somebody counting his push-ups! It’s the same Iqama issue, once more. “He hasn’t even mentioned the Iqama issue in his election papers,” the Billo boy said. All those Arabian Nights have turned into nightmares, courtesy the Tehreek. And this time, there’s a funky feel to this number. When’s the album coming?