Make-up for Desi Eyes

Us desi girls are blessed with beautiful eye shapes. Here are suggested make-up tricks to make them glow!

  • 28 Jul - 03 Aug, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Eyes are the windows to the soul and we Asian women are certainly blessed with great eyes. While the West may credit Kim Kardashian for introducing kohl to the world 10 years ago, we have always been rocking the surma (ours was so natural, we didn’t even need to smudge it). Similarly, when her baby sister Kylie introduced the winged eyeliner, we realised, our mums had already been doing it from the days of dancing diva Helen!

But of course, eyes are of different shapes and each shape deserves special treatment. Most South Asian women either have round, deep set or almond-shaped eyes! So here’s a quick rundown what works best for these kinds of eye shape.

Deep Set Eyes – Zara Noor Abbas

They are deep and mysterious. But, if you don’t tread carefully, you could end up with a sunken look, which happens when women with deep eyes opt for smoky make-up. These eyes naturally have a darker feel, so avoid a smoky eye and instead opt for light, bright shadow. Women with deep set eyes will probably notice that they have dark or puffy circles under their eyes, but an essential part of this look is concealing the imperfections out. Ladies with deep-set eyes can also opt for a bold lip. Try traditional ruby red!

Downturn Eyes – Mawra Hocane

The key characteristic of this eye shape is that the inner corner of the eye takes a prominent downward turn. In the past, make-up artists would cake on dark shadows on the inside to reduce this gap but today, we celebrate it! The styling secret for women with downturned eyes is to make sure you balance the curve with a large, prominent wing on the outside corner. Unlike others, women with downturn eyes should stay away from smudging their eye-shadow, and instead, create a crisp solid line that re-emphasises the architecture and clean lines of the eye. Curl your eye lashes or opt for false ones to further give the look a lift. This simple tip can open up your eyes to and give you a clean and wide palette work with.

Almond Shaped Eyes – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The almond-shaped eyes are perhaps the easiest eye shape to deal with. They are naturally symmetrical, making it less difficult to achieve a balanced look with them. Start bold, letting your eyeliner go from edge to edge! Line your water line with a white pencil and pull your eyeliner down. Slightly smoke it out for a bit of a modern, edgy twist and apply some shadow. For almond-shaped eyes, the smoky look is your go-to style! Finally, finish the look with highlighting your brow bone, and you’re done!

Round Eyes – Sonakshi Sinha

Styling tips for women with round eyes are similar to that of almond-shaped eyes. The only difference is the way the winged eyeliner is applied. Round eyes require a more dramatic application, which extends all the way to below the eye. Finish off by smoking out the liner for a more symmetrical look.