Sana’s New Screen Time

Is she still that stunning person that once bowled over Jawed Sheikh? Well, the answer seems to come from the currently popular serial, O Rangreza, where Naumaan Ijaz, a well-known poet, falls head over heels for this film actress, Soniya Jahan, played perfectly by Sana. So, let’s rephrase the question: Is she the same Sana that used to dazzle the audiences all over Pakistan on Lollywood screens? Obviously, no! This Sana is so intrinsically different that you might as well tell yourself that her expression has vitally changed. Jumping into the cool waters of a TV role, in different serials, she doesn’t look like a film personality anymore. No, no; it has nothing to do with the absence of big-screen gloss. Her look has changed; she can enter the hearth of a role professionally, but you can see her living her real persona inside the role, too. You understand what I am saying? Sana, now, lives her characters on the screen, alongside her own off-screen personality!

By the way, she has signed a new film, Jackpot, for which she is shooting these days.