Get some Hollywood Glamour

Luxury Grab
  • 28 Jul - 03 Aug, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

In theory, silk scarves have everything going for them. They’re an uplifting hit of colour and pattern, evoking the breezy glamour of Grace Kelly. When it comes to brands such as Hermès and Gucci, with their floral fantasias or Henri Rousseau-esque jungles, scarves can be a wearable work of art. In reality, the silk square has been upstaged in recent years by the cosier cashmere stole – possibly fringed, quite often in a rock’n’roll leopard print or paisley – and it’s often been less synonymous with Hollywood glamour. Now, however, the silk scarf is on the brink of a renaissance. Many of us have a neglected stash of them just waiting to be elevated from boringly bourgeois accessory to hip outfit accent. Get yours out this season and accessorise it with your travel outfits to look like a truly chic globetrotter.