Faran Tahir The Heir Apparent

Looming large in Iron Man, in an atmosphere where only the Golden Avenger should have stood tall, personable Faran Tahir made his mark. No wonder, I thought, when I got to know about the great secret. Tahir is the son of the brilliant progressive theatre and TV actor, Naeem Tahir… can you beat that?

If you can’t recall Naeem Tahir, then watch Ashfaq Ahmed’s most controversial play, Tota Kahani. I know, it’s a disservice to him to mention that long-duration play. Wonder how a progressive artiste like him worked in such a suffocating play? But, Naeem Sahab is still working in serials, like Neelum Kinarey. His best, though, includes his theatre work. He has also worked in Shoaib Mansoor’s film, Khuda Kay Liye. As for the younger Tahir, you can see him in Iron Man, Elysium, Escape Plan etc. He is brilliant and heroic in Escape Plan, as a devout Muslim, although two action giants, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger get together in the movie. He is set to appear in the new version of Star Trek, too. His role as Rhys Bashir in TV serial, American Crime got rave reviews. I have heard that currently, he is enjoying himself in theatre, as Othello.