Drew Barrymore is off dating sites

Actress Drew Barrymore has decided she does not want to use dating applications anymore even though they are fun.

"I got off (dating apps). It was fun to try though. I've been working out there in the public since I was young so that myth of the blind date alluded me and I always wanted to do it so that was like a dating app for me. But then it's not blind on my side so it just, I don't know, doesn't work," Barrymore told etonline.com.

She was desperate to get out there again after her split. But Barrymore was surprised that none of her friends attempted to set her up with anyone. "None of my friends ever set me up! I think I have the same old friends for so long, were all in such a rhythm, we don't even think like that."

The star is now using her spare time to look after herself.