Take It Off Your Txt

  • 28 Jul - 03 Aug, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

The picturesque section is amazing in MAG, the way pictures and the places are captured, makes me want to be a photographer.
Humayun Zafar, Islamabad

Karachi is surely running out of water and we need to take a stand to save water for our future and MAG you did a fantastic job by writing on this issue. Taha Safdar, Karachi

I really loved reading 60 sec with Mansha Pasha hope to see her on MAG cover soon. Hira Iqbal, Lahore

Hey MAG, you guys did a fine job by highlighting the trend of plastic surgeries. Farhana Tariq, Karachi

London Eye gives readers a view of how the world is working, keep it up MAG. Tahir Shah, Peshawar

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