Action, Man, Action!

Punches connect, machetes fly through the air, and the hero walks up the wall, and on to the roof! Teefa in Trouble (TiT) is tremendous action. And that, by gosh, is great news!

In a country, and on a big screen that has to rediscover genuine action after the 60s, TiT will go a long way in convincing the public, and more importantly, the gentry, that the Pakistani cinema can dish out a good action-oriented film. More such good action movies are needed for the publicity of our cinema. In the 60s, we had some very nice action movies like Nishan, Ik Nagina, Jahan Barf Girti Hai, Sheher Aur Saey, Tiger Gang, Dara and others. But, then, we lost our way during the latter part of the 70s. In the 80s, the industry almost closed down.

TiT, released in 25 countries, is a big-budget film. But, its action is the main thing that is attracting audiences all over Pakistan. Its publicity anchors on action, and the whole routine of Ali Zafar jumping roofs is the signature mood of the film. At the moment, the cine-goers are looking for the hero, who is just the right age, and of an electric-heel disposition that Ali Zafar fits like anything. If he made fans in India, not only amongst the audiences, but the artistes, too, he surely has the magnetic quality to attract the on-lookers.