Letters To The Editor

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.
– Muhammad Ali

High time for cricket

The Pakistan cricket team made our nation immensely proud with the exemplary performance as a team in the ODI series against Zimbabwe. The terrific bowling attack and achievement of a record breaking score were absolutely phenomenal. Our national team is working on improving their efforts and skills day by day, which has produced joyful results. Enthusiastic young talent can be seen coming forward and joining the league of coming-of-age players, by playing against international competent teams. Their victory in the Champions Trophy in England was delight to behold. I hope and pray the best for our cricket team because Pakistan is ahead of a bright future in cricket if it continues to strive this away.

Tehreem Rehan,

Nursing; a neglected profession

Nursing remains to be the finest and the most respected professions around the world, but in Pakistan it’s quite the opposite. Despite the burgeoning need for nursing staff in hospitals, it remains a neglected line of work in our society. They are made to work for long hours on meagre wages, with the increasing encounters of harassment and are also treated inferior by the doctors. Pakistan Nursing Council should take steps for their rights, protection and proper training while promoting a positive image of their field of work.

Ramsha Ehsan,

The election excitement

Elections 2018 ignited the patriotic spirit, love for the country and responsibility to fulfil one’s duty as a sincere citizen of Pakistan. This time, the change was felt, sensed and observed. Be it young or old, people made sure to cast their vote as their rightful duty and encouraged others to do so. The turnout was massive this time, as a lot of areas witnessed a revolution where women were allowed to cast vote for the very first time. It’s good to note that people are slowly realising their worth and sense the issues in the government running the state. Hence, it is the time to celebrate what it actually feels like being a true Pakistani and do whatever it takes to move forward as a united nation.

Arsalan Mirza,

It’s not ‘fair’!

The insecurities concerning skin complexion is found in every third person, mostly females. The media has successfully brainwashed people into believing that they may have absolutely no chance of ever being happy or enjoy other aspects of life such as a good career and marriage, if they are dark skinned. Living in the 21st century we still see reproachful advertisements that preach ‘fairness’ as the key to all happiness. Being dark-skinned myself, it didn’t take long for me to fall victim to my own complexion. This issue needs to be addressed and awareness sessions regarding skin complexity need to be conducted so that our society can get rid of this menace.

Maha Javed,