As the old adage goes, you are what you eat. Therefore, it makes sense that healthy foods remain the main benefactor to your overall health. You can't underestimate the importance of good nutrition when it comes to boosting your immunity. And we're not talking just fruits and vegetables, foods from every food group are required in your diet for your best defence against colds and flu because the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is what keeps your body strong and helps ward off antibodies and infections. Be armed at your healthy best and shield yourself from cold, flu and infections with these superfoods;


Oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel – are rich in omega-3 fatty acids; compounds that help reduce harmful inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation disrupts your immune system, that can cause problems for it to function properly thus may lead to cold or flu as well as more serious diseases.


Garlic packs the biggest antioxidant punch when eaten raw. This is most likely due to the sulphur-containing compounds in it, particularly allicin that improves the properties of a healthy immune system. Chew on raw garlic cloves or brew some tea or soup to ease your cold symptoms.

Citrus fruits

Citrus delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C. Several studies suggest that vitamin C has a modest effect on shortening the duration or lessening the severity of a cold. Just one medium orange provides more than 100 per cent of your daily vitamin needs. Whereas adding lemon/ lime into tea or water can do the trick too.


We usually think of bacteria as a bad thing but some of these microorganisms are essential for good health. The probiotic bacteria in yoghurt are effective at preventing respiratory infections such as the common cold. Its regular consumption has also been proven to reduce the duration and the severity of common cold symptoms


All tea – black, green or white has potential ability to help prevent flu and the common cold. An antioxidant compound called Catechins, have been shown to inhibit the activity of the common cold virus as well as certain influenza viruses. Need another reason to turn on the kettle?

Leafy greens

The darker the greens, the higher its nutrient content. Bitter greens like arugula may even help relieve chest congestion, sniffles, and coughs.


Looking for a way to boost long-term immunity for cold and flu season? Mushrooms may be the next big thing in the fight against sickness. All kinds of mushrooms contain forms of immune-boosting antioxidants, along with potassium, B vitamins, and fibre. Shiitake mushrooms have been used as a natural remedy for colds and flu in Japan and china.