Half Moon Bay
By Alice LaPlante

Jane shifts to the quiet community of Half Moon Bay to escape her daughter’s disappearance and death, but the past still haunts her, for children living there also begin to disappear and Jane is considered a suspect. Read on to know more!

The Intermission
By Elyssa Friedland

Cass and Jonathan have been married for six years and both have secrets and doubts that can’t be shared. Read the book to find out how this story pulls up the curtain on a seemingly-happy marriage.

The Book of Hidden Things
By Francesco Dimitri

This novel narrates the story of four friends, who meet up every year in Puglia where they grew up, but this year one of them goes missing and the three friends search for their lost mate. This mystery tale will keep you hooked.

The Shortest Way Home
By Miriam Parker

This debut novel by Parker reveals the story of Hannah, who is about to have everything that she wanted but a weekend trip to Sonoma changes everything for her. Read ahead, for the story is very intriguing.

Alone Time
By Stephanie Rosenbloom

This book is for people who enjoy travelling and alone time. It highlights new places and different experiences associated with the joys and benefits of me-time and how it enables people to enrich their lives.