Movies that predicted the future right


Following are the movies that were way ahead of their time.

The Truman Show

Peter Weir's satirical comedy drama predated our collective desire to document and broadcast every aspect of our lives online. We're all Truman now, in a way – only we seem to be willing participants in the performative faux-reality Truman tries to escape.

2001: A Space Odyssey

We may have still had a ways to go in the year 2001, but it's surprising how numerous little details in this film were essentially right about the future. Its depiction of the ‘NewsPad’ from

Arthur C. Clarke's novel of the same name looks and seems to function just like an iPad.

Minority Report

Written by Philip K. Dick, this movie had Steven Spielberg consult a team of futurists and forward-thinkers to make it look realistic, maybe that’s why it’s not too surprising to find the right things. It is surprising just how much of it already feels familiar.

You've Got Mail

The lengthy emails exchanged by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this 1998 film might seem a world away from the current swipe culture, but the two lovebirds were engaging in the unique anxiety and strangeness of romantic interaction online before almost anyone did back in those days.

Back to the Future II

Though flying cars and hoverboards are still not too common, but the film’s vision of Hill Valley in 2015 is pretty accurate. Among the more remarkable predictions were VR headsets, the ubiquity of mobile payments and flat-screen TVs.

The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey's character Chip goes on about how every home in America will "integrate their television, phone and computer," and how you'll be able to "do your shopping at home" while playing Mortal Kombat.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The movie’s premise includes an estranged couple that undergoes a procedure to erase their memories of each other. Among those seen waiting for the procedure are a woman grieving over a dead pet, and someone else clutching a box of sporting trophies. By early 2017, a team of scientists in the real world had developed a successful proof of concept on mice for erasing traumatic memories in the brain.