Top 10 Must-Follow Education Tech Blogs

Blogging Corner

Romane Robinson pens down her top10 favourite educational blogs for Brainscape.

Free Technology 4 Teachers

A lack of resources and tools plagues many schools, making it more difficult to use technology in the classroom. Richard Byrne addresses this in his blog, Free Technology 4 Teachers.

Cycles of Learning

Ramsay Musallam recognised how useful hacks could be in classrooms, so he set up Cycles of Learning to share practical education tech hacks to make teachers’ lives just a bit easier.


Edutopia has plenty of well-indexed information on how technology can be used in classrooms. Since information is filed by age group and topic, teachers can easily get practical ideas that are relevant to their current curriculum.

Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon’s blog provides plenty of worthwhile current information on educational technologies, so you can be assured that reading his blog will give you plenty of innovative ideas.

My Paperless Classroom

Sam Patterson talks about his own experiences trying to implement tech ideas in classes in this blog. Not only does he have some excellent ideas on how to effectively use technologies less commonly allowed in classes but he also reveals some of the challenges and pitfalls of these technologies.

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