The world experiences extreme heatwave

Around the World

Countries and regions around the globe have been facing the wrath of extreme heat. Scandinavia, Canada, Siberia, Japan and the Caspian Sea have been experiencing unprecedented heat along with the UK. But this heat often brings a host of hazards, and the heatwaves are proving deadly in some parts.

In Oman, the coolest overnight temperature was recorded at 42.6C. Sweden has been hit by forest fires spreading as far north as the Arctic Circle. In Greece at least 80 people have died as brutal wildfires ripped through a coastal town near Athens. Japan has declared a natural disaster after dozens have died and thousands have been admitted to hospital with heatstroke as temperatures reach above 40C. In California, the Ferguson Fire has been blazing since July 13 as is now threatening Yosemite National Park which has been forced to close in parts.