Rishi Kapoor hopes Imran works for better ties between India-Pakistan


Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor hopes that Imran Khan, whose party emerged victorious in Pakistan’s general elections, works towards improving ties with India. The actor welcomed Khan’s speech, in which the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief said Pakistan is ready to improve its relationship with India.

“Well spoken Imran Khan. I have been saying whatever you said on all channels past two days regarding India-Pakistan! I hope you succeed in making your ‘Mulk’ have good relations with my ‘Mulk’,” Rishi Kapoor tweeted soon after Imran’s victory speech.

Rishi, who will be seen in the role of a Muslim father caught in a terror plot in Mulk, has expressed hope for better relationships between the two countries in his recent interviews to promote the film. He had said, “Even North Korea and US sat down for delegation level talks; If they can solve their dispute, then why can’t India and Pakistan? Why can’t we also just sit and talk and find out the solution of this age-old rivalry? Are we always going to fight like this?”

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