Vote Do You Mean? - Artistes With Alibis!

“Sorry, I was in the foreign land,” was the pet phrase of quite a few of the artistes from Pakistan, who were very conveniently absent from the local polls!

Yeah, great alibis, indeed. They were here, just a week before, egging others to come out of their houses and vote their favourite candidates. Most of them were on the cute box, in the morning shows, talking about their farz to use the vote kee taqat, putting in their messages in the duration of the quiz shows. And then…!

And then, there were none!

Whoosh! Off they flew for the foreign shores with an alacrity like their lives depended on it! Mahira landed in Canada, and then looked pained when reminded that she wasn’t here at the time of the polls. She said she was taking part in an award show in Canada. Yes, the practice sessions were on. Okay, so the lady hosting the same Viewers Choice Awards, Hareem Farooque, has to be there. She also missed the polls, and did well on July 28 in Canada. I remember she, on her last visit to Canada, met PM Justin Trudeau, and posed for a selfie. Sadly, she has no selfie with her inked thumb. Sorry folks, angootha for you!

Barri barri batein bananeywaley Mian Faisal Qureishi is visiting London with his family. So, you’ve been to London, met the Queen, is that right? Lost your voting rights, though! Ah well, no candidate was richer by one vote this season! Similarly, Noor Bukhari is visiting London, and met Rajkumar Heerani, saying congrats to him for Sanju. But, what about Immi here, who could have had two-third majority if all of you had voted for him!