Meesha Shafi - Ajeeb Sa Look!

I mean I know she has been through trying times lately. I have sympathy for her, as others do. But, I feel highly talented Meesha Shafi is wrongfully persisting with her ‘jadugarni’ look. Because she has thinned down, may be due to the strain. And this look just doesn’t suit her, which she retains in the String cover, Aaley aaley O. Makes her look as if very soon she’ll start reciting magical incantations or something!

Meesha’s Global look aside, her voice remains just as impressive as it was in Aya lariyey, which is a superlative number in the Coke Studios. In the Battle of The Bands show, she looks and sounds very nice, and her views are on the spot. But, out with the crooning crowd, with those big kajla lines on her thin face, and dark lipstick, she appears straight out of the Witches of Eastwick!