Now, I must tell you beforehand that I am not a diehard fan of the interview shows of the local brand. The ‘name place animal thing’ type of IQ level of such shows turn me off. Most of these shows are a direct copy of Koffee with Karan. But, strictly, this season, This was the first HSY show that held on my attention for more than the first break in the show. Well, mainly because Meera and Veena, called together to the show, were having their ‘normal’ conversation!

Oh, by the way, Veena, though in free flow, was answering every question in English. Among other things, she was probably impressing upon Meera the fact that she’s had a better tuition all this long! But, to me, Meera looked much more relaxed than Veena!

Undoubtedly, a superlative mimic, Veena has a much higher recall frequency. Meera has recently, thankfully, detached herself successfully from that higher frequency, which throws one into continuous irritation. That’s the first step to normalisation. This new, relaxed Meera not only looked more beautiful than I have seen her in a long while, with her brushed down hair, and lovely, soothing colours, but also sounded self-assured and charming.

One must complement Hasan Shehryar Yasin for providing such a great atmosphere, and sticking to the conversation than going into that dastardly ‘quick queries’ routine. Left to their own conversation, the Lollywood girls enlivened the show brilliantly!