To make the most of this Independence Day, watch these five Pakistani movies to reignite your patriotism for the motherland.


This is one classic every Pakistani must watch. Released in 1957, the black and white film has all the ingredients of a great work of art and comprises of the most impactful, patriotic songs. The movie is still considered as one of the most successful films specifically for its amazing music composed by Fateh Ali Khan. With Ratan Kumar in the lead and Qazi Wajid as a teenage student, the film was a hit of the time and had the most memorable tunes like Aao Bachho Sair Karain, Chalo Chalen Maan Sanon Ke Gaon Mein and Aey Quaid-e-Azam, Tera Ehsan Hai Ehsan.


Directed by seasoned filmmaker Jamil Dehlavi, Jinnah revolves around the historical events of 1947 that resulted in the creation of Pakistan. The movie is an emotionally dense autobiographical story of our father of the nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Its awe-inspiring cinematography and profound dialogues make the film one of the best in the history of Pakistan and Jinnah does an excellent job of revealing the grass-root reality of the turmoil which ensued during the sub-continent’s partition.

Khuda Kay Liye

After its release in 2007, the film was a huge hit and was admired by film lovers around the world. The theme was based on terrorism and its impact on Pakistanis, in their nation and abroad. The movie revolves around an intriguing plot, as well as multi-dimensional characters that portray the rise and influence of fundamentalism in the country. It also shows a peace loving side of the country, which has been neglected by the western media after the ill-fated 9/11 attacks.


Agree or disagree but Moor is a masterpiece. The film focuses on the most neglected province of our country and takes one to all the unexplored regions and sub-cultures. The focus of the movie is a Pakistani desert. Based upon the Pakistan railways and people who work for it, the movie is interspersed with themes such as exploitation and corruption in this national institute. With gripping human tales, the film utilises railway as a symbolic structure of social and political issues that plague the country in general.

Ramchand Pakistani

The movie tackles the never-ending issue of cross-border prisoners who are suffering in jails on both sides of the boundary line. After years of intervention by human rights organisations, the plight of those suffering was noticed and this film also played a very crucial role. The movie revolves around the life of a seven-year-old boy Ramchand (Fazal Hussain), who accidentally strayed into the Indian territory after a trivial quarrel with his mother played by Nandita Das.