Blogging Corner

Everyday Pakistan

This insightful Insta blog is all about the mundane life of Pakistan. It shares the tales of Pakistanis from all over the country with its simple storytelling. The photos aren’t just humanistic, but all too beautiful to put in words.

Travel Beautiful Pakistan

As the name suggests, this Insta blog is the epitome of beauty that our country possesses. The photo-blog features images of the most picturesque sights in Pakistan taken by both amateur and professional photographers. It shares with the world the most breathtaking side of the country.

The Karachiwalla

Revolving around the nook and crannies of Karachi, this account is one to follow for anyone who has a thing for the crazy, welcoming cosmopolitan. Handled by writer and documentarian Farooq Soomro aka the Karachiwalla, this account features an in-depth history and contemporary life of the city using eccentric images.

Mobeen Ansari

Mobeen Ansari is a magician with a camera. His eye for Pakistan’s scenic locales as well as its people is a treat for anyone who loves and appreciates the art of photography. His photos speak a tale of their own, for the beautiful portraits he clicks are way too astounding. Check out his Insta ASAP!

Mr Hunzai

For anyone who’s eternally in love with Hunza would love to check out this incredible photo-blog by traveller and photographer Asad Hunzai. The insta-blog features beautiful portraits of Hunza people, as well as striking sceneries of the breathtaking valley. Once you see this Insta feed, you’ll know why this place is called a piece of heaven on Earth.