• 11 Aug - 17 Aug, 2018
  • Malaeka Amir


At first, I was quite reluctant to watch the show since science-fiction has never really been my cup of tea. But I finally admitted defeat after the insistent requests of my friends to give this one a chance. The plot of this Netflix show basically revolves around the future world, more than 300 years ahead of right now, in which a person’s memories can be transferred into a disk lodged into their nape. These disks can be shifted to new bodies after one’s death. More importantly, the demolishing of these disks can cause a person’s death. The story deepens when a lone living soldier of a rebelling group that had been overthrown (known as the Envoys), his disk is brought back by Laurens Bancroft (played by James Purefoy). The wealthy man gives Takeshi Kovacs (played by Joel Kinnaman) a shot at starting his life anew on one condition; he has to solve Laurens’ murder case.

Not going to lie, I think I might actually like sci-fi now. The show was near incredible. It gave off a cyber-esque vibe along with having outstanding visuals that made me wonder what life in the near future would really be like. It certainly was not a waste of time, rather grasped one’s attention easily. However, I admit that there were certain times where I just wanted to click out, but the curiosity kept me going.

Rating: 3.5 Stars


I had first stumbled upon Search Party while surfing the web for some interesting comedy-filled sitcoms, fascinated by the descriptive synopsis that revealed much yet nothing at the same time. The show opens as Dory (Alia Shawkat) searches for her college best friend, Chantal, who has mysteriously disappeared one night. Her interactions with her boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds) and her friends, Portia and Elliott (Meredith Hagner and John Early, respectivley) result in roaring laughter riots due to the hefty comic writing and a mysteriously funny undertone. The protagonist continues to make shocking discoveries until she finally uncovers something which leads all of them to gang up in search of their lost friend. Unexpectedly, Dory also encounters a frightening threat that forces the whole story to take an unappealing turn.

Season two begins with good and bad news – the good being that the gang finally manage to bring Chantal back home, the bad news being that they murder Keith, a private investigator hired by Chantal’s family. With policewoman Joy hot on their tracks, the lot realises that life as murderers isn’t quite as easy to say the least, with paranoia breathing down their necks constantly. By the end of the season, the group has to submit around 60,000 dollars to the relentless blackmailer who threatens to reveal the true story behind Keith’s murder. Admittedly, the second season isn’t as exciting as the first but it managed to keep me entertained and is perfect for anyone who loves dark humour and thrillers. I’m anticipating the comeback of the wild group in season three as much as anyone!

Rating: 4 Stars


I couldn’t help but watch Killing Eve, already entranced by just the title. Halfway through the first episode, I could already tell that this show would be a rollercoaster of enjoyment for the unexpected humour it comes with. Eve (Sandra Oh) dutifully comes up with intelligent and shrewd explanations quickly for a new assassination caused by Villanelle (Jodie Commer) as opposed to her character’s display – which portrayed her to be a lazy and clumsy individual – and Villanelle relishes her life, moving from place to place to assassinate a number of people as appointed to. Unfortunately, Eve is fired when the witness of one of Villanelle’s murders is suspiciously murdered while under her watchful eye. Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), head of the Russia Section of MI6, seizes the opportunity and hires her to track down the killer.

The show progresses as Eve works on her own leads meanwhile Villanelle is warned by Konstantin (her handler) about an MI6 task force hot on her trails led by none other than Eve. Soon enough, the clever assassin catches up with the determined officer, luring her into Berlin with some dirty tricks. Here, the story takes a dark turn just as Bill (Eve’s colleague) is stabbed by Villanelle.

Konstantin forces her to team up with two other people, Nadia and Diego, as a punishment for her recent recklessness. But the trained assassin somehow manages to convince Nadia to murder Diego, and then runs her over with her car. Somewhere along the line, Eve gets fired and singlehandedly locates Villanelle’s apartment in Paris. At the end of the episode, the two acknowledge their unusual obsession with each other after which Eve stabs Villanelle. The plot is a never-ending ride of thrills and twists at every point. Want to binge on a high intensity, fast-paced show? Look no further!

Rating: 4 Stards