Happy 71st, Pakistan!

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

The editorial always has an eye out for the most exciting accessories in the market. This time we bring you trendy accessories that you can use to celebrate this Independence Day with style.

1- Throw some shade with these coolest tinted mint shades.

2- A bracelet in the colours of the flag can be just the right addition to your outfit this Independence day.

3- 6 Add a retro effect to your look with a checkered headband.

4- Invest in a printed green scarf that you can easily use for a day at the beach later on.

5- This analogue watch will keep you in-style and sharp.

6- Why should your gadgets miss out on the festive colour theme?

7- You can’t go wrong with a multi-function pair of beautiful green zircon and emerald square studs.

8- Channel your inner patriot by accessorising your top with a trendy belt.

9- Finish off your look this 14th August with a green and white striped handbag.

10- Slip into these light green buckled chunky leather dress sandals to celebrate in style.