Let's talk about #NayaPakistan

On the eve of Independence Day, celebs open up about the idea of their dear homeland when it has earned a completely different leadership to rule for the next five years
  • 11 Aug - 17 Aug, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • Spotlight

In a post-election Pakistan, one senses an aura of palpable positivity and zealous patriotism, characteristics of the new government’s promised Naya Pakistan. The nationalistic sentiments in the air are contagious! With the nation rejoicing on its 71st year of Independence this 14th August, MAG reaches out to celebrities for their two cents on the imminent Pakistan and how they plan to celebrate it.

Mansha Pasha

Never mincing her words, Mansha is someone who speaks her mind.

“I don’t believe in change overnight, I think if people work to make themselves more aware and stand up for their rights, that’s a great change.”

What are her plans for 14th August? We ask the actress.

“For now I haven't made any plans but I am sure whatever I will be doing will be great since it’s a great day!”

Mehwish Hayat

Consumed with the promotions of her film Load Wedding, we took a minute from her whirling, busy schedule to ask Mehwish, what Pakistan means to her.

“Pakistan is my homeland, my identity, it defines who I am,” gushes the starlet. “It fills me with a great sense of pride whenever I am representing my country abroad.”

“I think it is a time of hope and expectations,” speaking about the Naya Pakistan, “There is renewed vigour that if we come together as a nation we can all achieve a better Pakistan. A Pakistan that we can all be proud of and one that can be respected internationally, not just bullied all the time. I truly believe that we are at a real turning point in our history and we have never had a better chance to fulfil our potential. However, this optimism has to be tempered though, the road ahead is going to be long and hard, but we will need to persevere and not lose sight of the ultimate goal.”

What are her plans for 14th August?

“Promotions for my film are in full swing, so on 14th August, I will be on the road meeting my fans.”

Adeel Hussain

Usually staying mum about his personal matters, Adeel is someone who courteously bows out from giving comments, but when asked about his expectations from Naya Pakistan, he didn’t hold back. “Lots of unity, faith and discipline. Lots of live and let live,” said the actor about his expectations from the new government.

In his opinion, what is Pakistan's biggest strength and its worst nemesis?

“Our greatest strength is all that we already have as a nation, and our worst nemesis is not having honed the ability to harness it all with wisdom. One will always have external challenges which one must be aware of. It’s best to try to continue to rise above it all in a practical and sustainable manner by cultivating your own strengths, both individually and collectively.”


Time and time again, Noor makes insightful and witty comments which proves she is more than a just a pretty face. She calls Pakistan her home, “although I wasn’t born here, but I was raised in this beloved country.”

Noor has big plans for the Independence Day. “I feel like doing a parade,”

she enthuses. “Celebrate and show my love by wearing white and a flag badge right next to my heart. And play milli naghmas all day long.”

Nomi Ansari

The ace designer too, confesses to be a devout Pakistani at heart and admits, “I always have a green shirt or a kurta ready for Independence Day. I am a proud Pakistani.”

When asked about the lingering changes he expects from Pakistan, Nomi gives us an optimistic, hefty list, “I expect no social media where people are judged by their talent and hard work rather than fake followers,” he declares, “I expect a green and peaceful Pakistan, an educated nation that is banned to abuse anyone and channels productivity through persistent hard work. I expect my people to show love and support for each other which has died unfortunately. I expect honesty and loyalty from this strong nation, which should be proud of their passport.”

Sonya Hussyn

Actively participating in the elections, Sonya didn’t hold back on her political fervour and it was much apparent from her social media feeds.

Here is what the actress tells us: “I feel Pakistan should always remain Pakistan, the people need to change,” she comments. “So my expectations are that mind sets evolve, there’s more awareness, greater enlightenment during the current government’s tenure. Beyond politics, it starts from your own person.”

Juggun Kazim

The television show host has a penchant for social commentary and offering profound insights into the close web of Pakistani society. It was imperative to have her say, on what vibes she’s getting from the Naya Pakistan, “As always, I expect our government to try and do its best for every Pakistani.”

Speaking about the nation’s biggest strength and its worst nemesis, Juggan comments, “Our biggest strength is its incredibly resilient and talented population. Our worst nemesis is our failure to trust each other and our tendency to look at situations in the most negative manner.”