Biz Snoops - Queer Exhibits!

In my day, I have had quite a few biz snoops as sources for my items. It’s been great associating with them. Of course, at the end of the day, you ought to be able to bring winning news to your column, but quite a few of them are pretty queer birds, if I may say so. And not only that, but various biz reporters too, in the circuit give you a hearty laugh once in a while.

I remember distinctly, one particular photographer I had used to inform me, on the sly, that a certain model was being seen with a certain gentleman from the business section of the society. Now, he would guide me to that girl in the crowd, and introduce me to that girl, and disclose to her: “My boss! In ko pata chal gaya tum Zafar Sahab se mil rahee ho aaj kal!” You really couldn’t vamoose from that place!

A famous biz sleuth, seeing I was talking to Mishi Khan, would intervene in the middle of a sentence, and say: “Mishi, aap bohot moti ho gaee hain…. Mera matlab hai kuch khayal rakhein.” Mishi, being an emotional babe herself, got annoyed, and said: “Aap ko koee aur sawal naheen aata? Aap khud apna wazan to dekhein!”

A very chalta purza biz snoop, who used to be a pal of the higher police officers, would bring the TV stars to the thana, and then get them snapped with the tullas. Later, he would come to me, and ask a photo of this group to be put in my biz column, with a longish caption. This way, he would get things done. Phew! I have told you about just a few queer snoops. Imagine!