Faisal Qureishi - Career Shift!

Even today, after doing so many serials, the scene he did, and the argument he delivered in an episode of a current serial, Khalish, was nobody else’s business!

When the members of the household pronounced an ultimatum against him (Sahil) and his mother, and asked him to leave (in Global terms this is called Meeting of Two Probabilities), Faisal, at a sensitive stage of his life, still kept his thoughts in a bind, and concentrated on his dialogues. Whoever passes through this portal feels weak to collect his wits. But, Faisal Qureishi, being the professional that he is, delivered like a champ. With so many artistes in the room (Asif Reza Mir, Kamran Jillani, Tanvir Jamal, Suneita Marshall et al), Faisal didn’t bat an eyelid while acting it out perfectly!

Sometimes I wonder if Faisal ever recalls his film career. I don’t know how he threw away such a flourishing career, and did not plan it like a professional. Those who saw Faisal in films like Dil Kisi ka Dost Naheen, and Dil Bhee Tera Hum Bhee Tere, could not believe his utter disregard for his choices. He shouldn’t laugh of it off, as he mostly does in his morning show. He was such a likeable chap that he had a few early flings, too. Sadly, his film flopped, called Marvi. Probably, he could not establish his solo presence on screen, but that wasn’t enough reason to leave films. No doubt, he worked brilliantly in TV serials, and is now earning big money. But, I am sure he is needed in films to shore up the new cinema. Hope he doesn’t let this little khalish stop him from cinematic success!