What Drama? - Eye-Watering Yawns!

When Khalid Anum, in the last week’s episode of Zan Mureed, could not suppress a big yawn, and Hina Bayat, playing his wife, followed with another face-contorting yawn, she said,”Yeh jamai bhee kya cheez hai; aik ko dekh ke doosre ko bhee aa jati hai!”

Sorry, wrong logic! They might well be suffering a series of yawns due to the terrible boredom that is infesting the TV, named Zan Mureed (ZM). From a totally meaningless title to a vacuous storyline, to dull, shallow dialogues, this serial is really the pits! If the channels did not feature Ta’abeer, another dragging corpse of a serial, one would have declared ZM as the worst product. Now, of course, the race for a tormenting climax is on. And I certainly don’t want to see the remainder of the episodes of either of them!

Now, with the new ones entering the fray, there was great excitement about the serial, Main Khayaal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka. After watching three episodes of this one, just because I think Hareem Farooque can enliven any show she appears in, I put in my kan tootiyan (earphones), and started listening to Big Kenny. It is very boring, but I simply could not survive the pronunciation and delivery of the poor fellow, who has married Hareem in the serial.

I am (yaaawn!) ending this piece now, because I am feeling really sleepy! Zzzzzzzz!