Mah-e-Tamam - Act It Out!

Khuda ka shukr, the alabaster exhibit, Laila Zubeiri has finally showed us a semblance of acting in Mah-e-Tamam (MeT)!

Back in the old days, when the PTV style of inducting beautiful women in serials was prevalent, Laila just looked good sitting pretty. Didn’t see her use her creases even then. No effort, no emotions. But, this far down, it’s really afsosnak that she remained an ice maiden. You can see how emotionless she was in Udari, where she was a social activist. One expected her to break the ice, at least, and show some compassion. But, no dice, man! So, in MeT, when she did indulge some acting, glycerine-aided tears and all that, one could thank the maker for some small favours!

But, the artistes who are really in the frame, are Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali. Ramsha has worked in other serials, and her feline looks make her an intense face for the biz craft. Her work in this domestic plot has endeared her to the audiences. But, it is Wahaj who has been the surprise packet of the whole lot. For one thing, he has portrayed a very different character in our drama, which is quite hut ke from the stock that’s the usual stuff of the domestic closet. He has done quite well for a junior artiste, and his lot with his family is a sorry lot. From that point in the story, he has developed nicely. But, the whole household addresses him as ‘Taki’, instead of ‘Taqi’, including Ramsha. Don’t know why we have taken these things for granted!