• 18 Aug - 24 Aug, 2018
  • Marjorie Husain
  • Art

Visiting the Studio Seven Gallery, one usually finds an interesting show – often of artists who are showing their work for the first time. The latest exhibition was something unusual, it was the work of Aliya Faiza who has been deeply involved in art and exhibitions for fifteen years. It was interesting to see the artist’s latest work and how she has modernised the early efforts. She emerged at a time in Karachi, when schools of art were opening, and amazing work was popping up.

Aliya Faiza has been involved in the world of art and entertainment since her graduation from the Mashkoor Art School, Karachi, where she included Ceramics and Printmaking in her study of creative art.

Aliya went on to host TV programmes, acted in various plays while at the same time endeavoring to interest the public in art.

She is an artist who has taken part in numerous joint exhibitions throughout the country, where paintings were donated by artists for charity.

Now with a growing family of her own, she continues to give time to art and recently showed a colourful collection of her latest paintings at the Studio Seven Gallery in Karachi. Through the years, Aliya has given numerous talks on art, and in the process explains the artist’s emotions.

“Any painting is an inner feeling of the artist. Clay and the creation of the human being from clay is the subject of my paintings to which I have given the name of pottery paint. The compositions of my paintings are fully based on imagination and Cubism. They have a fusion of East and West.”

To enhance the level of creativity, the artist states that she also brings interesting distortions to her work to enhance the level of creativity.”

“The basic concept of my painting is that I have related them with clay. I have tried to go deeper into Pots of clay and the existence of a human being. As a human being is also made of clay, my work highlights the figurative work with beauty. My concept with paintings is that it should have compositions, subject, object and colours in perfect balance.”

Aliya Faiza has shown her work in numerous galleries throughout Pakistan, and in 2014, exhibited a collection of her work in solo calligraphy show in Virginia, USA that was highly appreciated.

Talking of her work the artist states, “My paintings are colourful in which life, colour and happiness are highlighted. As far as colours are concerned, to me, every colour has its own power and creates its own impression. This is an important aspect of the artist’s work, to communicate and impress the viewer through colour. I firmly believe that colour effects life. One may be depressed by dull colours and discover that there are colours that make one feel happy which is itself a sign of life.”

Exploring Aliya Faizi’s work, one discovers colour that portray peace with the blue of skies and transmit a sensorial experience of nature through luminous shades that create a sense of harmony. Aliya’s work is uplifting and decorative. One often feels her work is inspired by nature. Touching upon abstraction at times she creates organic shapes, but the birds are there. Her interest in abstraction through lines and seams transmits a sense of nature from soft but luminous shades.

“This show contains work which includes abstract work with bright and bold colours. I have also added nature into my painting including birds, flowers, leaves, moon and trees and that I feel, enrich and enhances the work for the viewer.”

It appears that the artist’s life is full of colour which she translates into a personal perception of beauty on canvas in order that other may appreciate her efforts. through different manipulations of the drying points of the paint. Although involved in numerous activities, Aliya will always find time to paint and also to visit exhibitions.

Aliya is the recipient of the `Sahar Award’, and also the Quaid-I-Azam Award. •