Beautify this Eid!

  • 18 Aug - 24 Aug, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Sartorial styling and make-up go hand in hand. You may be dressed to the nines, but if you have unflattering make-up on, even a beautiful attire can fall drab. With Eid here, both your styling and make-up game should be impeccable and synchronised. So fish out your cosmetic brushes, eye shadow pallets and contour kits as we explore you five amazing make-up looks for daytime bliss and nighttime fun with your close ones this Eid. Be comfortable in your skin and choose your make-up look for any mood you are vibing to this festival.


The sublime and dewy make-up look has given full-coverage foundations a run for their money. And of course, one can’t help but draw inspiration from the, glowy queen JLo. To start with, slather on a luminising primer for a smoother canvas to work on; a hydrating moisturiser works equally well, too. Stick to a weightless foundation for the look, for it avoids an over-the-top finish and helps your skin breath. For an added luminosity and glow, mix your foundation with a drop or two of facial oil to make it sheer and glowy. Grab hold of a baked highlighter and using a fan makeup brush gently dust it over your T-zone and cheekbones. Other parts of the face which could do with some JLo glow are your cupid’s bow, the jutting area of your chin and your collarbones.


Traversing between drama and minimalism lies a more rustic make-up look. It is minimal yet glamorous at the same time, whilst echoing an old-world charm. Line your eyelids with black eyeliner or choose a brown hue for a muter look. Using a small tapered eye brush dust some brown eye-shadow under your lower lash line. Tight-line your lower lids with a luminous white pencil to make your eyes appear more ‘woke’ and bigger. Keep it easy on the blush, you might as well skip it and choose a liquid luminiser. Render some rusticity to the final look with some mascara and a bold lipstick; think of maroon, vermillion or a deeper burgundy.


A dramatic smoky eye and the good old Hollywood red lip works wonderfully for any occasion. It makes one look regal, in vogue and graceful. While a red lip is easy enough to achieve, be careful with the smokey eye for any mistakes can shroud your look and steer you from looking Madonna to Cruella de Vil in the blink of an eye. Make sure to use an eyeshadow primer before crafting that smokey eye, too!

Rebel Rebel

A heavy-duty eye make-up, plenty of highlight, eyelash extensions and an added drama of a bold lip, gives you a rebellious look. There are no rules to achieve it except for a few; slather on a dutiful face primer before putting on any make-up and use a make-up setting spray later to make it last longer.


And for those of us who can’t go a day without our contouring routine, here it is. Many women favour the likes of highlighting the face using a concealer and then using a deep contour to sculpt it. It is however important to choose the right shade of brown to contour; too deeper a hue can give your face a murkier look.