Yasir & Kubra – something is brewing if not cooking

Speculations are rife that Yasir Hussain and Kubra Khan have been seeing each other. Even if it is a mere rumour, the idea of them being together has caused an internet frenzy. Their Instagram feeds are also hinting at something special going on between them with everyone thinking that something is definitely up between the two.

Recently, the actors have been in North America together. As Kubra is promoting her movie JPNA2, it seems like Yasir is following her leaving no chance of taking pictures with her and catching her in video clips.

He is throwing questions at Kubra on her instagram asking her plans to settle down and naming ‘Cobra’ as his celebrity crush. That is enough to make us believe that something is definitely brewing even if it’s one-sided.

As there is no word from Kubra as of yet, let’s hold our horses and leave the things where they are until the next round of their Insta feeds make our mornings. Till then, keep guessing!

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