Meal with a view

luxe bites
  • 18 Aug - 24 Aug, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Al Seef exudes magic of the idyllic creek that will always impress you, and the flavour is seriously different from other touristy must-dos in the city. The nights are especially beautiful with the architecture and design boasting of a good marriage of the traditional and the modern. And needless to say, there is an entire line-up of great-looking restaurants to welcome you. If you are looking for an all-in-one – that is great views plus good food and a nice vibe – Kona Grill is your answer, a popular American restaurant with around 45 outlets across the States and that has just entered Dubai making its first mark at Al Seef. The menu is a safe one with something for everyone – burgers, sushi, salads, sandwiches, pasta – so you won’t fall short of choices. Luckily, there is enough for vegetarians too, be it the butternut squash and peas spaghetti or vegetarian flatbread or the tacos. The service is consistently good, the bearers are very helpful and you actually feel you can spend an hour or two, soaking in the pleasant atmosphere.

INFO: Kona Grill, Al Seef St., Dubai.