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The restaurant prides itself for being a place you can find every kind of tribal dish, and that is exactly what you will find there. From Kashmiri to Turkish, the menu has a wide selection that you can choose from.

First things first, the menu has to be appreciated, not for the variety it offers but the design as it comes in the form of a hard cover photo album, which makes it interesting to browse through.

I started with ordering their famed Pekhawari Karahi, Kashmiri Special Handi, Pekhawari Chapli Kebab and Banu Chicken Boti. The chapli kebab was definitely the softest I have ever had! The perfectly seasoned, slightly salty blend of beef felt smooth as silk on the tongue and presented a good contrast in texture against the crunchy top of the kebab. Its serving size is also good, enough for two or even three if you are ordering additional dishes. The Banu chicken was juicy, soft to the touch and well seasoned; the chef keeps the spice level really low on this one, so if you want to avoid spicy BBQ, this would be perfect for you. BBQ was quite oily on the outside. The creamy Kashmiri handi was served garnished with chopped almonds and sliced boiled egg white. This dish will stand out from other handis you have had previously for the crunch in it, of course the perfectly cooked meat and mild spices garner another thumbs up! The karahi in one word was ‘chatpati’. That’s the only way to describe it apart from saying that it was finger-licking good! The one thing I found consistent through all the dishes was that all kinds of meat, lamb, chicken and beef, were incredibly soft and I didn’t have to struggle with the bites. All of these require different cooking times and techniques, and since all of them were served piping hot at the same time, it speaks for the impressive cooking skills! Nothing was too spicy or bland, and the meat didn’t have fat on it, too, something that I was afraid about when ordering lamb. All things considered, Pekhawar is a must-try!

Location: Plot no 40C, Lane 5, Bukhari comm. area, Phase 6 DHA, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 2,500 approx.

Whether you are into trying varieties of karahi or can’t resist BBQ, Pekhawar will give you plenty of options to keep you satiated. It masters its tastes through the range of food it offers.

In keeping with the theme of the restaurant, everything reflects an idea and there is great coherence between every aspect; from the music selection to the steel utensils and private seating area, you will feel like you are dining lavishly at a fancy tribal eatery.

There is an entire team of servers just waiting to help before you could even bat your lashes. There is valet service as well even when it isn’t needed; you will be in for a treat right from the moment the restaurant opens the door for you.

I am always at a loss for words when commenting at the presentation of desi dishes. There is not much that the chef can do. In the limited capacity, all the dishes were presented nicely with ample of garnishing, though I would have liked a bit more chopped coriander.

If you are not a big eater, you might want to skip this. Pekhawar is a place for a big party of desi food lovers to go, be served as royalty and leave the restaurant licking their fingers. In this case, the value seems appropriate.