Angie’s lies driving Pitt nuts


Brad Pitt is hitting back hard at Angelina Jolie’s accusations that he hasn’t paid a dime in child support for their six kids. A new report claims he’s given her millions and can prove it!

Angelina Jolie, 43, made a shocking claim in court papers filed on August 7 that ex Brad Pitt, 54, hasn’t paid any child support towards their six children in over a year and a half. A new report claims that’s total B.S. and that the actor can prove it. TMZ reports that sources close to Brad say he’s given Angie “way, way more than the amount he agreed to pay… we’re told the total is in the millions of dollars.” Their source called Angelina’s deadbeat dad allegations a ‘joke’ and that proof will surface that Brad has been paying her and that her accusations otherwise are totally false.

A source close to the star tells that Brad has done everything to fulfill his obligations to his kids, but that Angie keeps changing the rules.

“At this point Brad’s gotten used to Angelina’s games, and he’s made it pretty clear he’s not interested in playing along. All Brad’s interested in is reaching a mutually beneficial agreement over the custody of the children, and then ending the marriage,” a source close to the Moneyball star revealed.