Don’t want to spend the second round of Eid this year in boring kurta shalwar again? Then do not! When it comes to masculine styling a lot has been said, fashioned and created. Stray far from the crisply ironed yet awfully predictable shalwar kurta and explore the versatility of men’s fashion. Here is your potential style look-book for the season’s festival.

Chikankari classic

A classic white chikankari kurta should be a capsule piece in men’s wardrobe. Trade the flaring shalwars for smartly-cut, snug trousers. Shrug into an immaculately tailored, black embossed coat to complete the show. If you are in the mood, stuff a silk handkerchief for a sharper appearance. And behold, we have a look which is as traditional as it can get with finely contemporary trimmings.

Cashing the coat

It’s bari Eid sandwiched right into a wedding season, so yeah, you have some serious dual dressing roles to take on. Have faith in a statement embossed coat to elevate the allure of a lightly embellished kurta. White plain trousers and peshawari sandals seal the look to perfection.

Think white-on-white

White is the calmest and freshest colour to cash this festival. The magic lies in the detailing; a geometrical embossed kurta, adorned with embellishments of black, a simple zipper hinging close a brocade waistcoat and minuscule ties attached to the trousers’ hemline. Favour open sandals and flats for footwear.

Black is king

Every occasion is in vote for the all-black. Add some quirky contrasting by pairing varying hues of charcoal black, onyx black and meddling of olive green. You never know how versatile black can get as a colour till you contrast it with other darker shades.

Accessorise it right

Clear, metallic glasses, black rings, statement buttons and strapped watches are very much in vogue. If you believe chains, rings and other bolder accessories are too flashy for your taste, rest your case with metallic frames. It adds a rather suave and savvy look to your appearance.