Madeeha Shah - Exploited or Exploiter?

In the late 80s, a smart, stunning girl appeared on PTV’s popular serial, Suraj Ke Sath Sath, who made audiences curious as to who she was. Although the serial was gathering fans due to the trio of male artistes, Khayyam Sarhadi, Abid Ali and Zill-e-Subhan, this girl created her own fan following as the serial progressed. She was known as Madeeha Shah!

After the serial, Madeeha suddenly appeared in her debut hit, Nagina. But, now, the girl was suddenly a bloated version of her smart, charming self. She was indulging in the same thousand-tears-per-minute and heaving chest of a hundred-sorrows-a-second. In other words, she had become a gathering storm, known as a ‘Lollywood Hervin!’ Was she exploited? Would she say something on #MeeToo?

As you know, our film industry, revived again after Zia’s 80s, presented two top heroines, Reema and Madeeha Shah very early on in the 90s. Reema and Shan were introduced in Javed Fazil’s Bulandi, while Madeeha Shah was introduced in Altaf Hussain’s Nagina. Bulandi was a much better film, while Nagina was an ordinary attempt. Yet, Madeeha was swept away in the new resurgence of young stars. Later, she left the industry due to her excess weight and bad scripts, and she hardly worked on television. The only field left was commercial theatre. But, even in theatre, nobody hears her name.

Now, police have found a 22-year-old man they were looking for in her house. When arrested, he looked under the influence of drugs. The police think he was drugged by Madeeha. But, Madeeha says he used to be his servant, and had left her some time ago. Let’s see how the cookie crumbles!