Fahim Burney - The Lahore Crowd!

I still remember when I first met Nadia Khan in Fahim Burney’s office! Of course, Nadia is not somebody who you forget after a while. She was there for some new serial. Fahim Burney was amongst the first few private serial producers, who had established his production office in Karachi. Lots of controversies were upfront with their everyday shootings, and monetary matters.

Now, when watching Nadia’s Kesi Aurat Hoon Main, I recalled all those days and nights we had spent in his expansive, not to say expensive office, which had a full recording studio, and different rooms for the nitty gritty of production. The best thing, aside from Nadia and Faisal in the serial, is the introduction of some Lahore-based boys and girls. It’s really nice to see their typical mannerisms, which one seems to have missed since drama production mostly shifted to Karachi. I mean who could forget those brilliant plays and serials from Lahore, which dominated PTV. It’s good to see the Lahore artistes back in Karachi’s serials. Similarly, other actors from other provinces should also be inducted.

The fellow, who is playing Taimoor, and the girl, who portrays Bia are both doing nicely. Bia, in fact, has a resemblance to Meera, and I just love her expression, which is acidic at best. Her brushed down hair do the trick. Taimoor, too, has a typical laid back look, habitual to Lahore actors.