New Pak Film Songs - Some Hits, At Last!

Now, finally, there’s hope that some channels will begin the local film-based shows again, after a lapse of 20 years or so!

One of the best songs from our new films is Aaj Kangna Bhee Nachey, which is expected to be a rich feast on Eid-e-Qurban. Zeba Bakhtiar’s talented son, Azan Sami Khan has created all the music in the film, and admittedly it’s no mean achievement to provide such an individualistic score at the age of twenty. He is definitely a talent to look forward to. Though his songs are all eastern mood, and none of the ditties has any western composition. If you remember, when Adnan Sami gave music for Syed Noor’s Sargam, he was near about 20, himself. This addictive hit is sung by Zeb Bangash (Zeb & Haniya fame), and Jabbar Abbas. Both voices have limitations, but they manage well enough.

In this number, a festive family treat, no doubt, not only is it a catchy composition, it has the accompaniments to give it a great zing. The moment it accelerates at the climax, you could be swayed by its beat to join the dancing public in the aisles. The brilliant number is then joined by two other songs of no ordinary caliber, too. One is Buleya (though for the life of me, I can’t understand how Bulleh Shah wrote an Urdu song!), which is a sort of rap-recitation, but very nicely done. The other number by Azan – Thaam lo – is beautifully rendered by Atif Aslam. Superb melody, which is also trending.

Another fantastic song is Jugni by Arif Lohar, who himself stars in the video, which has the who’s who of the cast of Jawani Phir Naheen Aani 2 (JPNA2). A really exciting jig, with some brilliant sound that is a must for a Jugni. Arif Lohar is just the right person to dive headlong into the percolating brew!

Yes, and I should not forget Behka Re from the same movie, which is old news now! Quite a good tune, and composed and sung nicely by Shiraz Uppal. It’s a tune that looks like being inspired by the Bollywood moods. So, it’s been quite a week and a half before we are totally taken over by the festivities of 14th August and the Eid of Sacrifices!