Eid Festivities

It’s a cheerful season to rejoice

As Eid beckons its surreal magical tales and stirs the festivity in the air, a fashion atelier takes this moment to tap into their well-hidden traditional side and weaves them in the intricacies of their craft. Douse yourself in the high spirits and festivity of the season by adorning ensembles which are reminiscent of your rich culture and heritage. Don’t hold back on channeling the deeply rooted desi facet within you and let yourself be enthralled by the traditional works. Festival like Eid, instills in one a desire to stay true to, and echo, one’s traditional allure and elegance by falling into the fancy of magnificent garbs. The wedding season, too, follows Eid in its wake. So sit back and read on, as MAG takes you down a nostalgic path, exploring eyefuls of attires speaking tales of our culture, customs and heritage.

Be it the intricate embroidery, classic silhouettes or richness of the jewel colours laid out on luxe fabrics, the ensembles sing to a reviving traditional allure. Exude regality and a taste of royalism in a bejewelled slightly-long shirt and let a soft-toned embellished gharara steal the show. Matha patti is the coveted head ornament of the season and shall be, for a while. A classic white kurta is a menswear staple and is here to rule eternally. Pair the crisp white shirt with a deep marine-green jamawar waistcoat. Trade the traditional flaring shalwar in the support of sharp, well-cut pair of trousers.

Colours of livid pink, red, orange, lemon yellow and aqua green serve as bright magical backdrops to boast the intricate mapping of gold threads, detailed embroidery, stone-work and lavish embellishments. A white embossed top boasts a myriad of multi-coloured linear details, a broad, embroidered border and a statement embellished belt to tie the look together. The bold pants appear as cross between the old bell-bottoms and a flared gharara. The multi-coloured embroidery incarnate dream flowers, geometry, nature in the crafts. Such ensembles are epitome of an eclectic-aesthetic signature style, transforming a designer’s creative imagination into a beautiful attire.

A bewitching balance of tradition and contemporary meddling speaks for itself in these eponymous collections by Huma Adnan. The rich, luxurious fabric is serving as a living tapestry to the traditional crafts and the heartwarming old-world charm. Intricately hand-woven fabric, complex needle-crafted detailing showcase an artisan’s mastery. In Pakistan, formal ensembles instinctively embrace the resplendence of traditions and exudes grandeur in its wake.

Designers: Amir Adnan & Huma Adnan
Hair & make-up: Hima Raza @ Mirrors Salon
Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
Photography: Rohail @TheRohail
Models: Misbah Mumtaz, Subrina Furqan, Saad Qureshi