Stars Club celebrates Independence Art Festival

A fabulous art display, organised at the Stars Club, from August 7 to 15, was aimed at promoting the spirit of art and culture in the city of lights. The Independence Art Festival also celebrated the Independence Day along with genuine art and soulful music that kept attendees entertained throughout the week-long activities.

The opening of the festival witnessed a large number of visitors including those from the fashion and media world, and the turnout increased with each day passing by, as citizens stepped out with Independence Day fervour and heightened holiday spirits.

The exhibition offered huge attractions and opportunities for Karachiites as it brought unique, creative and precious pieces of artwork at reasonable and affordable-for-all prices under one roof. Items worth Rs. 500 to Rs. 5 lacs attracted art aficionados from across the city to avail this wonderful chance to not only view incredible art from around the world, but to purchase it as well.

Talking about the importance of art festivals in the city with MAG, the festival’s art curator Mustansar Farooqui said, “It’s been 40 years since I have been promoting art. And to be very honest, we still need to raise awareness about the importance of art among the nation.”

“Art is the reflection of one’s society and it is only through this medium that we can portray a good image of our country to the rest of the world. So our purpose to organise this festival is to promote art and the hard work of all the artists involved in making it accessible to the public,” Farooqui said.

Yousuf Shiekh, an artist whose eccentric paintings were on display at the art festival stressed on the need for artists and their artwork to be appreciated by citizens. He said that we need more people who respect the significance of arts and culture in a society, as nations only progress when their culture and creative talent is acknowledged by their own people. How artists are treated in a country gives the world a message of how art-loving and peaceful a society is. His colourful paintings depicting the life of women in the country are quite a sight, while his fragmented painting showcasing whirling dervishes is one of the best pieces of artwork one would find at the Stars Club.

Another artist, Rukhsar Sabir – whose artwork is comprised of landscapes, sceneries and people – had her acrylic paintings up for sale during the festival. She had already sold some of her pieces and was awaiting more art-lovers to pick the ones they liked the most. Rukhsar said, “I am very hopeful about my work being sold out, many visitors have also appreciated the artwork that I have put on display here.”

Talking about the promotion of art in the city and across Pakistan, Rukhsar said, “Every artist is an expert in their own niche and people need to support their work, so they too can earn a decent living like professionals in other fields. All an artist needs is appreciation for their work and for people to buy them on deserving rates. This is the only way how art would flourish in our country.”